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Saturday, November 30, 2013

France.....Cathedrals, Chateaus and Cuisine me, the Mtn Mama....back in the blogging world!!  Sorry I have not been writing on a regular basis.  In fact I almost took the entire month of November wasn't intentional I just got busy with my life.  I did take a fantastic trip to France for 16 days earlier in the month.  Getting back to work, jet lag and the rush of the upcoming holidays has put me behind to say the least.  Since I blog for fun and pleasure I first had to work at my real job extra hard to make up for lost time and now that I am caught up on my life back at home I can get caught up on my adventures in France.
I traveled with a group of six friends.  We started in Paris.........
ooh, la, la!!!

From Paris we boarded a riverboat cruise for 10 days on the Rhone River.  

We saw lots of beautiful Cathedrals, Chateaus and scenery along the river.  The ship was a great way to get to a lot of places without packing and unpacking each day.

There was a lot of great food along the way.  This is Adrian, our head chef, taking me and a few of my friends on a "Galley" tour.

Macaroons were everywhere....and of course we had to try them all!

The farmer's markets were fabulous with lots of fresh they are called in Europe and olives.

Our last city was Nice....and of course we had to have 
Nicose Salad.  I ate this at a small cafe on beachfront to the Mediterranean Sea.   AHHHHHHHHHHH!  Can I go back tomorrow?

Thanks for taking a little time to enjoy my trip with me.  I promise I am back in full swing.  I will be baking and cooking for the holiday season.  Time to be sharing lots of cooking tricks, new recipes and plenty of old favorites to round out the menu.   
O f course before I sign off  I must share a picture of Miss Ella in the French outfit I brought back to her.  It says....I Love my Mama!!

As the French would say.....Au Revoir...... till next time!!

Happy Trials,

Mtn Mama