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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Welcome Home !!!!

Welcome Home Miss Madison!!! And......welcome back to the blogging world MtnMama!! It has been a long time since I posted. I do think about it but let me tell you .....reinventing my life and world at 60 years of age is a full time task. In the last year I have moved from my home of over 21 years into a new home, gotten married, made plans to decrease my work load and semi-retire, and just had a new grand baby!!! That's a lot of stuff for this gal to juggle!!! My new plans do include picking up on cooking, quilting, blogging, spoiling grand babies and traveling!

Let me catch you up on the past six months in some pix:

Wedding January 9, 2016 to a wonderful, kind gentle----man!!

Icy, "Frozen", Winter wonderland!!

This is Madison's competition!!! They stole the show to say the least!!

And we are off to the start of the rest of our lives together!!

Group Honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas!!!

Honeymoon Cruise in Hawaii

Spring break vacation in Dominican Republic

Quilting project - TJ's second birthday quilt. He loves Mickey


German Chocolate Cupcakes

Lemon curd cupcakes with blackberry frosting

Easter Cookies



Monogrammed Baby Blankets



Best Banana Bread


Block of the Month from Craftsy

Madison's Quilt


Kristy's cookies

So you can see we have been busy around here in the first half of 2016!!

We look forward to many more exciting things happening this year and promise to be online to share cooking and baking tips, sewing secrets, and life in general as we move forward thanking God for His blessings. (Especially new life and Miss Madison!) Praying that He is Glorified in all that we do everyday in every Way!!!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama