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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Campfire Some-Mores at Kumbraybo State Forrest

Saturday we spent in the WV mountains at Kumbraybo State Forrest. It may not be the most far out place that I have ever been to but it is close!! Tucked in the forrest under a canopy of thick trees is a beautiful state park. My family spent lots of fun times there when we were in our teens and college years.....camping, swimming, fishing and hiking. Untouched is a word I would use to describe this area of WV for the most part. On this day we set out to explore the park, have a picnic and do some fishing.


We stopped at the picnic area where we were able to obtain a picnic shelter. The weather was looking like rain and we wanted to be prepared! Good Girl Scout that I am....and believe me we were glad to have the shelter when the rain started.

We set up our picnic spot and got ready to build a fire when we discovered no one had brought matches or a lighter.

Some campers passing by stopped when we told them our plight and helped get the fire started with a lighter and even shared there "dry" firewood with us. We fondly called them ....Firewood Dave and wife!! West Virginians are friendly people and always ready to lend a helping hand. We were blessed by their generousity.


Everyone gathered twigs, sticks and wood and before long we had a roaring fire!!


The rain started coming down harder and we moved our picnic inside the shelter.


Because of the rain we couldn't roast our Some-Mores the traditional way. Mary and I decided to "Build an Oven" on top of the fire and make our Some-Mores in a pan. Here is how we did it........

Campfire Some-Mores


At this point we decided to make our Some-Mores on the fire in an aluminum pan. We just happen to have a pan of brownies that we used in our recipe. We were missing a row of brownies because we sent "Firewood Dave and Wife" off with a token of our appreciation.


We divided the brownies and removed them from the pan and began stacking our "Some-Mores".


The first layer were the graham crackers topped with Hershey miniature candy bars and marshmallows topped with the brownies.


Then we decided to "build" an oven to "bake" the Some-Mores. We headed to the creek to find flat stones to make our "oven". Even though it was raining I did a little wading to find just the perfect rock for our project.


Then we "assembled" our oven on the grate above the fire.

Ready to bake the Some-Mores!!
The fire was HOT and it didn't take too long before we smelled the fragrant aroma of melting chocolate and marshmallows.


What a success!!! Some-mores for everyone in one pan!!


An ooey-gooey bowl of pure delight!!

The Some-Mores were enjoyed by everyone!!!

We had such a great time ....even the rain couldn't dampen our spirits!! After our picnic we drove through the forrest to view Mill Creek Falls.

West Virginia is such a tribute to God's beauty of creation. The name Wild and Wonderful describe the scenery and the people perfectly. Even though I didn't get my fly fishing lesson from my brother due to the rain I enjoyed the beauty of the streams through the eye of a camera.
As we left the park the sun started to peek through the canopy reminding us of God's presence in His perfect creation.

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Helvetia ... A Swiss Colony Located among the WV Hills



This charming Swiss town is located in a very rural part of WV. It took us over an hour from Elkins to drive the narrow, winding road to get here. It is in the high country of WV. Snow is a way of life in the winter months...just like Switzerland.

The town was patterned after European towns in the Swiss Alps.

A Chalet built on the hillside overlooking the Main Street.


The bridge that goes through the town has beautiful window boxes spilling over the edges with an abundance of summer flowers.


Our reason for coming to Helvetia was to celebrate my birthday dinner at The Hutte. It is a well known restaurant that has been there for years run by the same family in a quaint European style house.

The front porch looked like something off the streets of a Swiss Vacation Brochure. Lots of brightly colored geraniums in pots on small tables covered with blue and white checkered tablecloths.

Each room inside The Hutte is a collection of small tables with lots of antiques to catch your attention.

Every table has fresh flowers and a different place setting.

Lots of Swiss artifacts from the first colony still remain to be seen in the main dining room.

Check out the black wood fired cookstoves!!

My entire family showed up for dinner... Mom, Dad, David, Kenny and me.... The Burford Family along with Mary Anne and Elisa. Such a special time!!!!

After dinner the family surprised me with a special birthday cake. The Hutte staff baked it that morning especially for me. What a surprise!!! It was the most delicious pound cake I have ever eaten!!

It was the perfect end to a perfect day. I am blessed to have so many people in my life that are so special to me. Thank to all for the birthday wishes, gifts and cakes!!! This is going to be a good year!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama


All Aboard!!!!

High Falls of the Cheat River

Friday morning we were all excited about our train ride to the "Back Country" of West Virginia to see the High Falls of the Cheat River.



All Aboard!!!! We boarded the train in Elkins, WV. It was an electric locomotive built in the early 1900's. The route took us into an area that was not accessible except by foot or train.


The scenery was magnificent!! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!!



The "Rhododendron" also known as Mountain Laurel to the natives was still blooming in the high country.

It is the state flower of West Virginia. Just beautiful!!

View from the train as we cross a high bridge over the Slatyfork of the Cheat River.

A small rapid on the river.

On the train.....


The High Falls of the Cheat River.......nature's beauty at it's finest!! Thank you Lord for the beauty of the earth. Your creation is spectacular!! What joy it brings me to see you in the trees and river



The falls were truly the highlight of the trip.

A much quieter, reflective ride on the way home. It was a great way to spend my birthday. More adventures in the Wild, Wonderful State to follow!!


Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama