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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Fourth of July Celebration at the Lake


Harborcliff Community Annual Picnic

It has been a great week of celebration in honor of our great county. Saturday was our annual Harborcliff Community picnic at the lake. There is always a fish fry with fish that has been caught in Lake Fort Gibson throughout the year and frozen for this event. It is so crispy, just a little spicy and hits the spot everytime. All the home-owners bring covered dishes. There are veggies, salads, chips and salsas, desserts and more desserts. As you see from above I made my decorated sugar cookies in star shapes in honor of the holiday. You can find how to make the decorated sugar cookies in December 2012 of this blog. This was my second dessert tray of the week so I made Chocolate chip Banana Bread and Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake to add to the cookies. It was so much fun to make and take something festive for the Fourth of July.


This was Ella's first time to Nana's house on the lake. She LOVED it!!! We swam in the pool, went down all the slides, swang in the trees, and played in the cove at the lake shore. Next time we will take a boat ride!!

This is round two of my Peace Rose for this season. They are beautiful and smell heavenly. They always remind me of my grandmother who had a bush in her yard.

The hydrangeas have been unbelievable this year. They are starting to die down but I love them so much I will keep picking them till they are all gone.

I have been monogramming beach towels for kids, grandkids, friends and friends grandkids. WalMart has the cutest smaller towels for the little ones.

It has been a great week...I am staying at the lake for a few more days. I am sewing on a baby quilt and two quilts for wedding gifts. Better get busy!!!

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July and remembered to be thankful for all the freedoms that we have in this great Nation!!

Happy Trails,

Mtm mamas


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