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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Campfire Some-Mores at Kumbraybo State Forrest

Saturday we spent in the WV mountains at Kumbraybo State Forrest. It may not be the most far out place that I have ever been to but it is close!! Tucked in the forrest under a canopy of thick trees is a beautiful state park. My family spent lots of fun times there when we were in our teens and college years.....camping, swimming, fishing and hiking. Untouched is a word I would use to describe this area of WV for the most part. On this day we set out to explore the park, have a picnic and do some fishing.


We stopped at the picnic area where we were able to obtain a picnic shelter. The weather was looking like rain and we wanted to be prepared! Good Girl Scout that I am....and believe me we were glad to have the shelter when the rain started.

We set up our picnic spot and got ready to build a fire when we discovered no one had brought matches or a lighter.

Some campers passing by stopped when we told them our plight and helped get the fire started with a lighter and even shared there "dry" firewood with us. We fondly called them ....Firewood Dave and wife!! West Virginians are friendly people and always ready to lend a helping hand. We were blessed by their generousity.


Everyone gathered twigs, sticks and wood and before long we had a roaring fire!!


The rain started coming down harder and we moved our picnic inside the shelter.


Because of the rain we couldn't roast our Some-Mores the traditional way. Mary and I decided to "Build an Oven" on top of the fire and make our Some-Mores in a pan. Here is how we did it........

Campfire Some-Mores


At this point we decided to make our Some-Mores on the fire in an aluminum pan. We just happen to have a pan of brownies that we used in our recipe. We were missing a row of brownies because we sent "Firewood Dave and Wife" off with a token of our appreciation.


We divided the brownies and removed them from the pan and began stacking our "Some-Mores".


The first layer were the graham crackers topped with Hershey miniature candy bars and marshmallows topped with the brownies.


Then we decided to "build" an oven to "bake" the Some-Mores. We headed to the creek to find flat stones to make our "oven". Even though it was raining I did a little wading to find just the perfect rock for our project.


Then we "assembled" our oven on the grate above the fire.

Ready to bake the Some-Mores!!
The fire was HOT and it didn't take too long before we smelled the fragrant aroma of melting chocolate and marshmallows.


What a success!!! Some-mores for everyone in one pan!!


An ooey-gooey bowl of pure delight!!

The Some-Mores were enjoyed by everyone!!!

We had such a great time ....even the rain couldn't dampen our spirits!! After our picnic we drove through the forrest to view Mill Creek Falls.

West Virginia is such a tribute to God's beauty of creation. The name Wild and Wonderful describe the scenery and the people perfectly. Even though I didn't get my fly fishing lesson from my brother due to the rain I enjoyed the beauty of the streams through the eye of a camera.
As we left the park the sun started to peek through the canopy reminding us of God's presence in His perfect creation.

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama


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