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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday

Holy Toledo Batman!!

I resumed work this week on my "Holy Toledo" quilt that I started back in April. I am usually pretty good at staying with one project until at least the piecing is done but lately things have been crazy. With my DH being in and out of the hospital I have had to put a lot of things aside. This week after returning from the hospital at 10 p.m. I have been sewing a little. I picked up the basket with the "Holy Toledo" pieces in it and went to work.

So far I have four rows sewn together. My Mind won't let me finish all the blocks before starting to put them together. I just HAVE to see what it is going to look like early in the game. Anyone else out there with a curious mind like me? Maybe it's my ADHD kicking in but I love to have several stages of the quilt top in progress at one time.

Here are the next three rows ready to be sewn together.

In the basket are the remaining large half square triangle blocks that need to be finished. 24 to be exact. I am trying to finish 8 a day. That makes three more days!! Yeah!
along with the quilt blocks in progress I am also started to piece the borders.

IThis quilt is going to be quite colorful with lots of "motion" when it is finished. Hopefully in a week ....or maybe two!! That will depend on when we can get my DH back to Texas for a much needed second bone marrow transplant. That's our priority now!!

Today I got to meet this little lady at the airport with her mama. They came to help while Papa is sick.
She flew all the way from Minneapolis to see Nanna and Papa. She has changed so much in the month and a half since we saw her last. After visiting Papa in the hospital we took her back to our house where she and Nana played in the backyard swinging and swimming.
What joy she brings to us at a time that we need it!!! Thank you Lord for the blessings of children and grandchildren!
Hope to repeat all of this again tomorrow.....including some sewing time!

Happy Trails,


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