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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Cookie Time

The smell of cookies fill the air as we approach the final countdown to Christmas here in T-Town.

The "Tulsa Cookie Doctor" ...aka... my daughter Kristy spends hours on these beautiful cookies that we give away. Lots of tubes, tips, sugar and detail round out these cutout sugar cookies.

Iced Spiced Cookies are a favorite recipe given to me by a dear friend in Lancaster, PA over 25 years ago. They are a perfect blend of spices and a great texture. Not too hard!!

Lacey Snowflakes.....which we actually had over the weekend in Tulsa!!! It was magical!!! I love the snow but many of my friends don't share the sentiment!!

Jenny, my oldest daughter and mama to my three grands, hosted a cinnamon roll baking day (twice) at her house in the past two weeks. We had to bake twice because the first double batch ( 7 1/2 dozen rolls) disappeared in three days. They were grabbed by neighbors and friends before they even cooled.

Miss Ella is going to be a fine baker she is a BIT (Baker in Training) and the big sister to TJ and Madison!! Quite a job!!

Merry Christmas from all of us at Pots, Pans, Pins and Prayers

May your Pots and Pans always be full with wonderful delights, your pins holding a project together that you can't wait to finish and your Prayers be answered by the One True God who loves us and sent the Baby Jesus to earth so that we could believe in Him and live eternally with the Father!!

Happy Trails,



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  1. Cookie Doc done a fine job!! Beautiful. So glad to see you back and the grands are such a blessing.


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