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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013

Happy Easter!!

 This day, especially this Easter day, is filled with HOPE!!  How can you celebrate Easter without being hopeful??? Hope of new life....victory over death which is leads to eternal life in heaven!!  When I walked into the early morning service at RCC today, the sun was shining brightly through the window which showcases a large wooden cross.  I was flooded with HOPE!  I felt so very happy that Jeffrey was in Heaven on this glorious day celebrating with the King of Kings and all His Saints!! No more pain, suffering or tears!!   If that doesn't make you hopeful nothing will!! I almost felt like Jeff was speaking me to....which I haven't felt since he died in August.  I was filled with warm, happy thoughts which have stayed with me this day.  

Thank you Lord for your Son, Jesus Christ, and his sacrifice on that wooden cross.  We celebrate the Resurrection today and the triumph of life over death. Thank you for your promise of eternal life to all who believe!!  The battle has been fought and won!!  You are the victor. Those who love you are on the winning side!!  May we show your love to the world so that all will see you as who you are...The Son of God!!   And all the saints said....AMEN!!!!

It has been such a great day.  My 85 year old parents are here from WV.  They stay at the lake mostly but come to Tulsa on the weekends.  They were here today and we enjoyed church and a quiet brunch.  Last night we had dinner with our "German" travel group from 2010 at our favorite German restaurant.  It was so much fun to relive our trip.  It was the last international trip I had with Jeffrey which makes it all the more special to me.  On that trip we took my parents back to the place where my Dad had been stationed in Germany in 1951 during the Korean War as a border patrol between Germany and Czech.  A Very special trip indeed!!  Everyone came back to my house for dessert. It was a BIG hit!! I made my Grandmother's Coconut Cake with my own spin.  Here's how I did it:

Grandmother Burford's Coconut Cake

1 White Cake Mix-  Make the cake according to the directions on the box.  Use two 9 inch square or round pans.  I always use square pans because that's what Grandma did.
 Here is the best part---
Coconut Cake Frosting 
3 Tbsp flour
1 cup milk
1 cup room temperature butter
1 cup white sugar
1 tsp vanilla

Place flour and milk in saucepan on medium heat.  Wisk continually until the mixture thickens.  Set aside to cool completely

In large bowl of mixer beat 1 cup (2 sticks) of butter, 1 cup white sugar, and 1 teaspoon vanilla.  Add the cooled flour/milk paste.  Beat for 5-10 minutes. 

 The icing will get light and fluffy like whipped cream.

 Here is my twist.  I decided to make Lemon Curd for the filling between the layers and add fresh raspberries.  You can use Lemon Curd that is purchased from the store too.  I will post the recipe for the Lemon Curd this week I promise.

 Sam's had the most beautiful Organic Raspberries I just had to think of a way to use them!!

 Before working on the layers.  I place parchment paper pieces under the cake so that after I finished I would easily remove the paper and the cake plate would be clean.
Spread the lemon curd on the bottom layer to your desired thickness.

Place the raspberries on top of the lemon curd, standing up, so you can stack the layers.

 Place the second layer on top of the first.  Be sure the cake is level at this point.   
 Spread icing over the cake.  I always put the icing on top of the cake and pull it down over the sides.

 I used Baker's Coconut (The whole large bag...I like coconut)
Pour it on the cake and pat it into the icing on the top and sides.


 Pull the sheets away when you are finished

 Isn't this a pretty Easter Cake?  This cake must be kept in the refrigerator.  I like it best cold but I love frozen cookies tooo!!!
You can let it get to room temp before serving if you like also.

 It tasted as good as it looks.  The tartness of the lemon curd, freshness of the raspberries and heavenlyness of the icing stuffed with moist coconut was outta this world!!

Wont' you join me?  This piece is for you my friend!!  Come sit a spell and enjoy it with me.

 I couldn't end this post without showing you my favorite "Easter bunny".
She is with her Daddy who was on call today but got to spend the morning with her.
Looks like she approves of the gifts from the Easter Bunny.

 Sweet mama Jenny and Miss Ella.....Could that bow be any bigger??  

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama 

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day with friends and family this Easter.

    After all the talk of rain for us it was absolutely beautiful here too as well. Think of you often, sounds like you are healing one day at a time.

    You give me hope. Thank you.


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