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Friday, May 23, 2014

Whoop-Whoop Friday

Double sided-Fun and Bright Kiddo Quilt

This quilt was so fun to make.  I used bright, colorful prints that just made me happy to look at.  Lots and lots of STARS!!  Since these were stash pieces and many were small I just made 7 inch blocks and put them together in diagonal rows ...... But the neatest part is that it is a two sided quilt................

On the back I strip pieced several of the fabrics and then used my embroidery machine to put the little guys' name on it.
I quilted it in a bright multi-colored thread in stars and loops.

A closer look at these beautiful fabrics.  

This beauty goes to a long time friend from college who just had her fourth grand-baby......a boy.  This is really a toddler lap sized quilt ....made to take to the park and have picnics on....sit on at the ball field and use in all the fun ways that a toddler needs a blanket.

I was really pleased with the finished product.   I also helped a friend yesterday and quilted a lap quilt for her.  It was a great day in the sewing room.

Hope your Memorial Day weekend is filled with fun and lots of bright happy sunshine and memories!!

Thanks to all the Veterans who have served and protected us over all the years!!  We love you!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama 


  1. Hello Mtn Mama,
    What a lovely jolly quilt. The different coloured binding adds to the fun.
    Love from England,

  2. Thanks for dropping by and visiting. The quilt was mailed to it's new owner today. I loved the bright happy fabrics too.


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