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Monday, May 11, 2015

A New Creative Outlet....Special Cookies!

He fills my life with good things!
Psalm 103:5

I love flowers! Flowers make me happy!! Flowers show me God's perfect love exhibited in nature's beauty and that makes me smile!! These beauties came as a gift from my special daughter's on Mother's Day! I am SMILING on all fronts....blessings from my children created by heavenly Father!!    PERFECT!

I am having a blast this spring with cookies and icing.  I know that sounds weird but I am just having fun...lots of it. The cookies below were made during Easter but could also be used for a First Communion. 

 I grew up in the 60's when my mother and her friends were all taking "Wilton Cake Decorating Classes" for the very first time. The classes weren't taught at Michael's or JoAnn's...they weren't even thought of yet...but in homes or churches with a skilled cake decorator/teacher.
Since then I have inherited my mother's pans, tips, books...etc. Such a treasure. The boxes have remained unused until now. I started with the desire to make some special cookies.  I opened those boxes and magic flew out along with the dust of 50 years of storage.  But now I am addicted to this has me making Royal icing roses and flowers... reading blogs on cookie decorating....weekly trips to Michael's and JoAnn's for more "Wilton" supplies and I dream in colors of the "Wilton Rainbow"....LOL. I do believe  the magic has transformed me into a cookie monster.
Now remember I am doing this for fun...self taught at this point ... but I am happy with the results.

I made 36 of these cross cookies and gave them to the leadership council of my Community Bible Study for Easter. Some were white and some were lavender ( Purple is my favorite color) .

I especially loved making the swirl roses that I used to decorate the cookies.

I used several blogs for inspiration but my favorite was The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.   She has great tutorials and so much creativity.   You can find her here.

These cookies were made with my favorite sugar cookie recipe. You can find it here. I used Royal Icing, piped and flooded, then decorated with royal icing swirl roses and Wilton Pearls.
I was pretty happy for my first attempt at a "Fancy" cookie!! Who know's what will be next??? I can feel the creative juices churning in my head....or is that a headache from all my seasonal allergies coming on (LOL)!!!
Stay tuned!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama


  1. That cookie book is the only one I used in the early years of married
    life! Do you still use Cisco?

    1. Jenfl,
      Love the Cooky Book!! Mine is well loved and well worn. Yes I do use butter flavored Crisco. I keep my Crisco in the frig so it is cold...(for pie crusts)! Are you still in possession of your Cooky Book?


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