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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Beginnings in 2017

A new year is exciting but coupled with a First Anniversary it goes over the top!!! So we decided to celebrate both and join friends at a quaint Inn in WV for the weekend. The Bavarian Inn is in Shepherdstown WV about an hour and a half from where our friends live in Baltimore. So we flew into BWI and drove over together. The day was full of fun conversations and excitement.

The Bavarian Inn, Shepherdstown, WV.

It is a very quaint, magical and serene setting. Love the fireplace and nutcrackers. When we arrived it was lightly snowing which made it all the more beautiful.

Our Suite in Ausberg #1. You can see the snowflakes on the cement!!

Shopping in Shephardstown on New Years Eve!!

A quaint town full of interesting shops!

New Year's Eve Gala

New Year's Eve Countdown!!

Breakfast on New Year's Day!

I am wishing everyone a wonderful 2017 full of refection, love for the one True God, love for your neighbor and yourself.

All my best......Happy Trails,




  1. What fun it looks like y'all hado a such a quaint town. Congrats!!

    1. Thanks Tspoon!! It was such a magical, little place. We enjoyed every minute of our trip. Now back to T-Town. Getting caught up. Will start cooking and sewing soon!!

  2. Loved reliving our visit and New Year's event through your eyes!! Super job, my friend!!


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