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Friday, April 11, 2014

Pizza Pepperoni Rolls

Homemade Pizza Pepperoni Rolls

Last week I was on a "roll" and made these twice for different occasions. They are easy to make and transport. Everyone loves them because they are a delicious "all in one" sandwich that is easy to eat. Believe me there are never any leftovers.

I had my first "Pepperoni Roll" over 40 years ago when I first went to college. My roommate was from a town about 30 minutes from our school which was very "Italian". She would bring these delicious homemade rolls back with her on the weekend. Now in Clarksburg, WV the rolls are homemade with wonderful Italian bread and filled with stick pepperoni. That's it.....and it is delicous. Over the years I had tweeked my recipe and now I fill mine with sliced Turkey Pepperoni, shredded Mozzerella Cheese, and a tablespoon of sauce. I also servce the sauce on the side to "dip" the rolls into as you eat them.

Let's make some....

Pizza Rolls

For this recipe I used the dough recipe from the Six Sister's Stuff cookbook. You can find it here :

After the dough is made divide into twelve equal pieces. I do it by halving the dough, then halving each get the idea. That gives you equal pieces ....more or less.

Gather you filling ingredients. You can use whatever you like....just remember not to put too much in the roll or it will leak when baking...which may or may not be a bad thing...ooozing cheese is one of my favorite things!!!

Now we are ready to make our rolls.

Take your indiviual piece of dough and strech and flatten it out so it can be filled. Not too thin.

Place about a tablespooon of sauce in the middle of the dough. Do not go out to the edges or it will be to messy to close. I make my sauce from crushed tomatoes, garlic, Italian seasoning and minced onions. You can use jarred sauce or make you own favorite.


Continue filling with pepperoni and cheese.

Pull edges of dough to the center and make a ball. Making sure all the goodies are tucked inside.

Turn the roll over so the seam side in underneath and place on a greased cookie sheet. Repeat till all rolls are made.

Turn oven on to 400 degrees. I left my rolls to rise for 15 minutes while the oven was preheating.

Before baking I brushed my rolls with an egg wash. That is 1 egg beaten with 2 TBSPS water in a small bowl. This gives the rolls a glossy finish which is beautiful. I also sprinked the tops of my second batch with "Pizza Seasonings". I had grinder in my pantry and decided to use it. It had Italian herbs and sea salt in it. It worked great!! Be creative....I did!!

First batch with smooth tops.

Second batch with Pizza seasonings on top. Both were delicious!! I liked these the extra flavor.

After the Pizza rolls were cooled I packed them up in my handy basket and took them to my daughter's house where they were having a "Fence Raising". There were lots of hungry people there and the rolls were devoured in no. time. As I said before I heated the remaining sauce and served it along side the rolls for dipping.

Believe me when I say this recipe is a winner!! Hope you try it and let me know how it works for you!! Great in the can help make them too.

Spring has come to Tulsa finally!! My favorite little girl and I spent yesterday afternoon exploring the park by the river.

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama


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