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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yellow Brick Road and Take 5 Quilts in Progress

Quilt Camp Day 5

Today starts Day 5 of Quilt Camp.  We have been sewing like crazy, shopping and having a ball.
Today we are moving to the lake.  We are suppose to have a beautiful weekend so we are looking forward to being there.

Baby Boy Quilt #1
Maddox's quilt finished , washed , and ready to gift.
As per my 2013 goals I am labeling all quilts that I make this least so far I have stayed the course.

Full view 43 x 43 inches
Stars inside and Feathers on the borders.  I am going to make feathers my signature style.  I LOVE sewing them.

I chose the "Kid's Font" on my Viking Designer SE.  It makes it whimsical.

Mimi and Maddox!!  I think he likes his quilt!!

 Quilt #2 - Debby's Quilt
We started on Sunday choosing, patterns and fabrics and before we knew it we had a plan.  This pattern is quick and easy....Take 5.  We cut two for Debby and one for me.  While I was working on the quilt for Maddox, Debby sewed on hers.

It says you should have a quilt in 5 hours.....well we finished ours on Wednesday and were happy with our timing!!
We used soft shirting flannels from my stash
A view from the work table

My signature feathers...again!!

I quilted and Debby sewed my top together.

Stippling in the middle makes it soft and cozy.  This quilt measures 66 x 78 inches.  Perfect "couch and cozy" size.

Off to the lake for more "Quilt Camp" fun!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama


  1. Ooh, it does look like you are having fun! I love the baby quilt, and the colors and fabrics in your Take 5 quilt are great! Whoop whoop!!

  2. Love the baby quilt! Great colors.


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