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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

Azaleas and vinca in bloom in my backyard!!  Spring has Sprung is Tulsa!!
Work in Progress Wednesday

I feel that learning how to be "single" again is a WIP.  Jeff always took care of the boat.  In fact we haven't had it out since before he died.  I was at the lake last week and saw that the boat cover was missing.  Upon further investigation it was in the lake hanging onto the boat by one bungee cord.  Mary and I fished the water logged, extremely heavy, cover out and got it back on the boat by ourselves.  We were feeling pretty accomplished I must tell you.  Everyday that I do something new and it works I feel that I move more toward healing!!

Thank you Lord for helping me in this "Brave New World" of being alone!!  I thank you for giving me strength when I am weak and courage when I am afraid.  And most of all I thank you for ALWAYS being there with me no matter how I feel or where I am!!  You give me comfort and peace during this very unstable time!!  I am grateful!!  AMEN

Now for the real WIP (Work in Progress) upstairs in the sewing annex.  This is another quilt top that my mother made and brought when she visited in March.  It is a "Happy" quilt.  Simply made in   half square triangles and vibrant colors it sings "Sunshine"!!  I am quilting it this week.  I meandered the center and did large flowing feathers in the borders.  The binding will be dark blue solid.

Even though it is hard to see in these pictures the dark half square triangles are made of a print with a blue background, green, orange and light blue.  It goes together very well.

Hope to get the binding on this quilt and label it before the end of the week.  This is going to be a gift for a good friend who has a special birthday in June.  So happy to get it finished early.....I hope!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama


  1. I can imagine that learning to live without your spouse is a work in progress. Thankfully you are never alone - Deut 31:6.
    Lovely quilt!

  2. Awe...I wouldn't ever want to have to think about that wip...but your courage and dependance upon God are truly encouraging. Thanks for sharing today.

  3. You go girl. Praying God's strength and courage.
    Lovely quilt.
    Thanks for sharing.


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