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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Embroidery and Cookie Fun

Heaven Touching Earth

I just LOVE this picture!!! It looks like heavens rays are reaching down and touching the fountain. This is the memorial fountain I put in my backyard garden to celebrate Jeff's first Birthday in Heaven (August 17, 2013). It is surrounded by 'Memorial stones" from friends and family. I enjoyed it so much last fall that I didn't winterize it. I have really enjoyed it with the cold weather because not only is the ice sculpture beautiful it is a haven for the birds. Miss Ella says...Tweet, Tweets!! We stand at the laundry room window and watch them when she is here. I love just stopping and meditating on the birds and how God has created such beauty for us to see if only we take time to look.

Thank you Lord for the beauty of the earth. May we slow down our hurried lives and drink in all that you have put before our eyes acknowledging that you created it all! Amazing God...amazing grace....AMEN!!

Fun Embroidery Projects:

Burp Rags for Baby Boys!!! Seems like I am having a run on baby boys!! These designs are perfect for the little guys.

I have been having a blast embroidering with my "new" software for my machine. It is new to me anyway. I bought it on E-bay last week. It is not the latest version for my machine but newer than what I had and is able to be used with my newer laptop. That's the problem .... the technology changes so quickly and we are forever having to upgrade!!! Oh well....this was a whole lot cheaper than the current software and does more than I will ever use. I am just happy to be able to send designs from the computer directly to my machine now without having to use a jump drive. Such simple pleasures!

Monogrammed Baby Boy Quilt

I finished this quilt last week by embroiering the child's name on it in my Mega hoop. I was so happy with the result. Finished just in time....Grayson was born on Monday. I sent the quilt to Dallas with his MeMe so that he would have it when he came home.

My number one cookie decorator....Kristy came up over the weekend and decorated these beautiful Valentine's Day cookies for me.


She also made these great looking Whoopie Pies. We lived in Lancaster, PA for two years and learned to love Whoopie Pies. Now they are popular all over but we still think of Lancaster when we make them.

Kristy is a Doctor by day and a closet cookie decorator for her mama at night! Thank you Kris....I LOVE YOU and your cookies!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama



  1. Beautiful. Yes it does look just like Heaven. What a beautiful memorial and reminder. Just beautiful I love your embroidery too. Just lovely

  2. Opps I was signed in as my husband again. Sorry this is Sherry from My Journey Back! Have a good day.


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