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Monday, February 10, 2014

TJ's Baby Sprinkle

Go Baby Go!

Have you ever been to a "Sprinkle"? This was my first time to host or even attend a "Baby Sprinkle". It is the term used for a baby shower for a mom who has already had one child. The idea is that the gifts are smaller since they already have all the basic baby hardware. Kristy and I hosted a Sprinkle last Saturday at my home for my eldest daughter, Jenny, who is having her second child in late March.

It was a Saturday "come and go" brunch. She is having a boy so the theme was, Go Baby Go. Lots of trucks, cars, planes and trains were used as decorations.

This table was set in the kitchen area for guest to sit and enjoy their food.

I covered cardboard pieces with wrapping paper to make placemats.

We made lemon cakeballs, brownie bites and lots of great cutout cookies. Kristy is the best cookie decorator I know. She made planes, trains, dump trucks and sailboats that were so darling. My college roomie was here to help and made the cutest "pacifier's" out of lifesavers and jelly belly's to put on top of the mini cupcakes. I requested these because she had made them for my baby shower when I was expecting Jenny. We have come full circle now.

Our baby boy will be named Thomas Jeffrey after both of his grandfathers.

We served Broccoli Cheddar soup with homemade clover rolls. The day was cold so the soup was enjoyed by everyone.

A large bowl of fresh berries were a big hit!

The main course was a salad bar. The greens were in the large pewter bowl in the center surrounded by "fixin's".

Grilled Chicken, croutons, cheeses, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, chopped eggs, celery, green onions, dried cranberries, pine nutes, glazed pecans....all my favorites from the salad bar placed in individual glass containers around the salad bowl. That way everyone could make their favorite salad.

Debby made these adorable Thank you bags and filled them with blue Hershey's kisses that said...It's a Boy!!

A clothesline of baby boy gowns and onesies!

Thanks to everyone for blessing TJ that day. It was fun. We had about 25 people. It's always special to welcome a new life into the world.
Thank you Lord for the blessing of babies. We acknowledge that they belong to You and are lent to us for a short while. Thank you for entrusting their lives into our hands and our families. May we teach them your ways and show them your love so that when they are older they will know and love you with their whole heart. In the name of Jesus we pray...AMEN!!

Miss Ella came to the Sprinkle. she about to have her world rocked....
Welcome TJ!!!

Happy Trails,
Mtn Mama


  1. Beautiful- FUN- and Yummy Sprinkle for TJ….we are blessed!! Thank you mom & Kristy!!!!!

  2. What a beautifully planned and executed gathering !

    I've never been a party-giver, but I surely admire someone who puts this much thought and work into one. Congrats to the mommy-to-be, and welcome, T. J.

    I notice that you signed your post, "Happy Trials". I didn't know if you meant 'trails', but it reminded me of James in the Bible telling us to take joy in our trials ! Have a blessed day.


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