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Monday, January 20, 2014

A Day in the West Virginia Hills

Friends are Forever....

I have the very best friends in the whole world. Today on day 2 of my WV vacation I picked up my good friend Mary and together with my parents we headed out to Parkersburg for the day to meet my college roommate. The drive was beautiful with small skiffs of snow on the northern mountain fronts, bright sun and lively conversation which made the 1 1/2 hour drive seem like only minutes. We were headed to the Coldwater Creek Distribution Center where there is a phenomenal outlet. One of a kind. It is where all the online orders are filled for the company. The clearance center is always an adventure. Today was no exception.

Besides shopping we were meeting my college roommate, Debby. It is the halfway point for us to meet when I visit WV. We took a break from shopping and ate at a local Cracker Barrell.

While having lunch Debby showed me the antique "Umbrella Girl" quilt that her Grandmother made her when she was a little girl. Sorry the picture isn't great but hey....we did what we could in the middle of a public place.

The appique is needle turn and the quilting is done by hand. It is exquisite! We had people ooohing and aaaahing beside us. Debby has given me several extra blocks she found that her grandmother did many years ago. They are the same Umbrella Girl block. I treasure them and someday will put them in a quilt. I began teaching Debby to quilt about 5 years ago and she is addicted like the rest of us. We have "Quilt Camp" in Tulsa every year. Debby is coming to T-Town Jan 31 for a week to sew on a very special quilt. Her son is getting his PhD this year and she is making a quilt for his advisor. Isn't that great? We will show pix when we get it started..

Debby surprised me with this wondeful cake today! This cake has a history with Debby and me.....we have been eating them since college (1973 -1977). The Bonnie Bell Bakery in Clarksburg, WV makes the most delicious vanilla layer cakes that I have ever eaten. We have celebrated many occasions over the 41 years since Debby and I first met but each one is just as special as the last and always with a Bonnie Bell cake. Today we celebrated our friendship and being together again....which is something worth celebrating!! Having Debby as my lifelong friend has been a precious gift from God. Today we celebrate my coming home to the mountains, friends and family that I love!!

Besides Coldwater Creek there is another "junk" type store in Parkersburg which has the greatest books at discount prices. As many of you know I have a "Thing" for cookbooks...especially at great prices. This is my "loot" for today. I will love looking and cooking from these beauties.

As you can see my trip is full of friends, family and all the things I love....especially snow and the mountains. Tonight and tomorrow we are expecting 3-5 inches of snow, blustery winds and temps around 5 degrees tomorrow night. I LOVE it!! Sounds like a day to stay in....make soup (I have a plan and will share tomorrow!).... and quilt ..(I have a plan for that too!!!) So stay tuned for tomorrow's adventures in the wonderful WV hills!! How appropriate this was the cover of the bulletin Sunday in church....

And so it shall be tomorrow.......God is so GOOD!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama


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