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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Work in Progress Wednesday

Baby Nine Patch "Leftover" Quilt

This baby quilt was made with leftover blocks from the Snowflake Nine Patch Quilt below. Mother put the center blocks together and I added two borders from my stash to finish the top. It has a completely different look than the original quilt.

This is going to my "soon to be born" grandson's quilt. I want to finish it this week and use on the table as a cover during the "Sprinkle" that my other daughter and I are hosting Feb 1st for baby "TJ". It will be done...I am good at deadlines.

Snowflake Flannel Nine Patch

The top to this quilt was pieced by my 85 year old mother. She keeps me busy quilting her tops. I meandered the entire quilt. Nothing fancy but the quilt is soft and very functional. It is going to be a gift. Gotta get a label on the quilt and get it in the mail tomorrow. I am trying to label all of my quilts again this year!!




Mother also made the top below for this baby quilt. I told you she keeps me busy!! It is a gift for my dear friend's next grandchild. I love flannel quilts. They are my favorite. This one is soft and made from random blocks mother had left over in her stash. She said...."There will never be another quilt like this one!!!" I love the pastels and all the different prints that blend together.



Now they wait patiently in the sewing room for labels.

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama


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