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Monday, March 31, 2014

Four Patches and Feathers

Retirement Quilt

This quilt is my latest effort in perfecting my feather. My 86 y/o mother made quilt top. I put the border on it and quilted it with my Tin Lizzie.

I quilted a circle of feathers in each of the white blocks. It gave me lots of room for practice. Being left handed I realize my feathers are "backwards" but if I try to reverse them it doesn't flow easily and they are not very pretty.

This border is a feather with a swirl inside it. I like it but there is definantly more thread in the spine where I had to backtrack to put the swirl in each fealther.


The four patch blocks were quilted with a large clover-like flower that matched the tone-on-tone print in the white blocks.

This quilt was made as a retirement gift for the secretary in my office. She really liked it. It is big enough to be a comforter for her bed. This is a bright, happy quilt that cries SPRING!!!! We need that this year after such a long, cold winter.

Nana has her arms full!! I am blessed and happy!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama



  1. Just beautiful, Susan! I so admire those able to machine quilt! What a wonderful retirement gift! The grands are pretty darling, also.

  2. The quilt is beautiful and I'm sure will be treasured by the retiring secretary and her family! Glad I subscribed to your blog to see this update automatically through email!

  3. WoW! Sue, the quilt and the babies are beautiful. I love your blog. I am using recipes all the time. Love to all. Talk soon
    Love Dee

  4. I like the arrangement of the 4-patch blocks with darks going both ways in a pattern and also the mix of high contrast and low contrast in the 4-patches. I think "backwards" feathers are an important statement! Nice quilting.

  5. Your feathers looks perfect and what a wonderful quilt! Love the photo of you and the grandchildren!! Thanks for sharing.
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