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Friday, December 27, 2013

UFO's from Christmas 2013 Completed


Embroidered Primitive Christmas Ornaments

I could say these are the first projects for Christmas 2014 or just admit I am finishing the last few things from 2013 that are stacked up in my sewing room. Either way they will be loved by whomever I gift them to in the future!!

I love these stuffed Primitives. For years I have done ornaments like these with hand embroidery but now I am using my Viking Designer SE and the results are great. I have several "Prim" sites for machine embroidery that I use.

I have had a love affair for years with homespun. I save every scap because I am always afraid I won't be able to find anymore. My stash still has a significant amount but you never can have to much!!!

Santa with star and Charlie Brown Tree

Primitive Tree

Fir Tree

Trio of Ornaments

It's never too early to start for next year!!! One of my 2014 goals is to make at least one thing for Christmas each month. I am starting out pretty good....haha....don't you think?

Happy Trails,
Mtn Mama


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