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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday

Time to Finish the Christmas Projects!!

As it is in most sewing rooms around the world it is CRUNCH time at my house!!  My goal is to finish one last "Gift" today and then I can relax and enjoy the holidays for myself.....that will include some "fun" sewing for me.

I finished this quilt yesterday but still have to make the label and sew it on.  It is a lap quilt for a dear friend who is a physician that took wonderful care of my dear Jeffrey in his last months.  It is flannel and I love how it has the "Chevron" appearance which is SOOOO popular.  

I love making quick quilts and giving them away to special people in my life.  The flannel quilts are so cozy and useful during winter months to have on the couch or bed ready for a quick nap or to pull up while watching TV.

My WIP is this Table Runner for a friend in PA.  I will finish it today and get it in the mail.

I used my embroidery machine to quilt it too.  I put snowflakes in the center on point squares.

This table runner is actually made from a sample piece I made when I was designing a quilt several years ago.  I can't throw anything away.

I embroidered Stars in the border

Today I must bind the runner and make labels.
Gotta run.....

Happy Trials,

Mtn Mama


  1. Why do we wait till the last minute? We have 364 days to prepare and the last 30 we are in a crunch just like last year. Lol They look nice and I am certain they will be appreciated by the recipients.

    1. I don't know why...but I wait every year to finish things till the middle of Dec. Maybe next year I will start earlier....I doubt it. I am always busy.....that is a blessing!!! Merry Christmas my friend....God's blessings to you now and in 2014!

  2. Very pretty chevron quilt. I am making one at the moment. I love the quilting on your table runner. It feels good to be finish with the sewing. I always say I am going to start in January but some how that never happens.


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