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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Angels Bake Together Again!!

Christmas Baking Day with the Angels

This morning I welcomed my two good friends, aka "The Angels...Shirley and Mercy"... into my kitchen for a full day of baking. Nothing like the joy of friends spending the day together in the kitchen. Do you like my chalkboard? It hangs in the eating area of my kitchen. I made it!!! I am quite proud of it! As we began the day the Busy Angels started by whipping up a double batch of Pecan Bars. You can find this recipe here:

Below are the Six Sister Ande Mint Cookies. Amazing what a cake mix can do. You can find this recipe here:

These cookies smelled heavenly and tasted even better.
German Cherry Almond Stollen was a new recipe to the "Angels". I have made it for years. It turned out beautifully.

Iced and ready to package. I had some "Mini Bread Boards which worked great to put the stollen on to wrap.

This is fabulous for a Christmas brunch. It uses Ricotta in the dough which makes it "melt in your mouth". I am going to freeze mine for Christmas moring.

Next on the agenda was a big batch of Chex Mix which my oldest daughter joined in the fun and made for us.

Everybody loves Chex Mix!!

We also made a large batch of Cinnamon rolls. You can find the recipe here:

We baked in disposable aluminum pans for gifting. These pans are fabulous. You can get 3 for a dollar with lids at the dollar store.

Cinnamon rolls rising in a warm spot in the kitchen....ready to bake.

Head Angel for the Day....aka..Goodness....wrapping the Stollen and Cinnamon Rolls!!

It was a very busy, fun and productive day. All our goodies are wrapped labeled and ready to take home or give away.

The angels left and I finished cleaning up. I wrapped some cookie trays and have spent the evening in quiet solitude enjoying my home and the holiday decorations.

May you also take time to enjoy this season and experience God's peace as we celebrate the birth of His Son!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama


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  1. I really love the chalkboard framed like that, what a wonderful idea. Looks like a wonderful time ya ' must of had.


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