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Monday, May 21, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Design Wall Monday


Playing with "crumbs" this week. I have a bag of 1800's reproduction fabric crumbs that I have been using to make my crumb blocks.
I HOPE to make several each week and get to 80 blocks before summer's end. I think I will sash between the blocks with a black fabric. I have a large piece of black/gold 1800's fabric I got on the 1/2 price table for the back. I just discovered "crumb" quilting this spring and I LOVE it. I love "Old things" or things that LOOK "Old". These blocks are very primitive to me. Can't wait to finish enough to start to put them together.
Aren't these the cutest "erasers" you have every seen? The thread spools and needles are priceless. I took them out of the package and set them in my sewing basket stuff. Thanks to Debby, my college roomie, for finding and sending me these cute little sewing erasers.

Our week started off BUSY....I am teaching ACLS today, Jon and Kristy took a truck and headed to storage to "move" her stuff to my garage to get ready for her move in two weeks, Jenny and Ella took Jeff to the clinic early and then to the hospital to get platelets and IGG. WHEWWWW!!! I'm tired just writing about it all. Jenny, Jon, Ella and Kristy will fly to Chicago tomorrow. We will miss them greatly!!! Kristy is going for a visit and will be back Sunday. She will move to OKC June 2nd. Lots of activities at the Smith's!!! God is good!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama


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