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Friday, May 4, 2012

Homemade Vanilla

Rosemary for fragrance, hydrangeas for beauty....brought by a friend showing God's love and presence in everything, everyday.

Today I am sitting with Jeff while he is getting two units of blood at OSU-MC. Hopefully he will feel better after the blood and will be ready to face once again another round of treatment. Check out the updated story on Site name is jeffreydsmith.

Want to see what I have been making in the dark pantry behind closed doors?

Homemade Vanilla

This half gallon mason jar is full of the most delicious vanilla you have ever used. It is easy and fun to make. BUT it does take time so if you want to give it as gifts....for Mother's day you are too late to start....but if you make it now it will be wonderful for fall baking and holiday gift gifting!!!
So let's get started:

Shopping list:

Vodka - you determine the amount you want to make. My last batch I bought vanilla vodka to start helped intensify the flavor. Any vodka will do. You don't have to buy the really good stuff.

Vanilla beans - You can buy different types of vanilla beans. I use Madagascar and Mexican. I mix them to get a great vanilla flavor. the amount you use again determines the intensity and the length of time it takes to get to strength. You can buy vanilla beans on e-bay for a very good price.

This jar is "half gallon" size with about 12-15 vanilla beans in it. Sometimes I put used beans in the jar after I have used the seeds in a recipe. I just keep putting more in. When I get low in volume I will add more vodka and a few new beans but will leave the old in the jar for "flavor".
Now put the jar in a cool dark place (like my pantry) and let it sit for a week. Gently shake the jar after one week and put it back on the shelf . It should start turning amber to dark at this point. It really should sit at least a month before using it. The wonderful thing is that the vanilla only gets better with time. Shake every one or two weeks to mix the flavor throughout.

This makes great gifts. You can buy fancy bottles at Michael's or any hobby shop to put the vanilla in before gifting it. People will marvel and think you gave them something very special. Attach a pretty label and you are go .

Shopping at Whole Foods with the Girls and Miss Ella

Yesterday the girls and I took Miss Ella shopping to Whole Foods. It is our job to expose her to the best things Tulsa has to offer at a young age.

We found some great stuff including fresh rubarb. Tomorrow we will be making my favorite Strawbaerry-Rubarb Coffeecake!!!
See you then!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama

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