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Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!

Design Wall Monday

Let me start by wishing all of you a Happy Memorial Day!! A great big thank you to all those who have gone before and helped to make our country what it is today! We are SO blessed live in a country where we experience freedom in everything we do and have the opportunity to be anything we want to be!!! God has surely Blessed may we continue the fight to honor and bless HIM !!

My time sewing this week has been very minimal since we had to admit my , DH, back into the hospital on Wednesday. I continue to work on my Desden plate blocks by hand at the bedside. I did have a few hours yesterday while, my daughter, "Dr. Kristy" took the day shift so I could rest a bit. I got out several projects that I had worked on while we were in Texas in Jan for the original transplant. I hadn't gotten around to sandwiching them with backing so that I could quilt them when I have a minute or two, so.....that's what I did.
This is a table topper made from a charm pack that I want to finish for the table at our lake house. Very "woodsy" prints. I found a brown print for the back so now I can start the quilting.


This was a block I did for a "Joys of Winter" quilt several years ago. I made this block twice...go figure!! So it was left over when I completed the quilt. I put the borders on it last year. Yesterday I "sandwhiched" it so maybe now I will get it quilted before Christmas 2012.....but I'm not betting on it!! I always seem to push this one back and work on something else. I enjoyed making these blocks because I fused the applique but did the blanket stitch by hand. I really DO like to do hand work especially now when I spend so much time in the hospital away from my machines.

So that's about it for me this week. Hope of bringing Jeff home midweek continually floods my brain. We have had several set backs but everything seems to be moving forward today. We will start Round 2 of the chemo next Monday if all goes well. Thanks for your prayers, calls, texts etc. I really do look forward to all the comments on this blog and our Caringbridge Site. It is my connection to the world so please leave a comment or 2 or lifts my spirits to know others are out there sewing, cooking, a normal life. I enjoy meeting all of my cyberspace friends and have been overwhelmed by the kindness shown by so many. IF you want to follow the whole story of Jeff's Battle you can hop over to and go the site box and enter...jeffreydsmith.

DO something FUN today to start the summer season off right!!! I am sneaking out to a picnic for an hour or so this evening!! Dr. Kristy is on call for Dad!!! So nice to have your children grown and able to help you when you need it!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama


  1. I'm a slow learner, so I'm just now learning how to post a comment. What a deal! I love your blog and keeping up with you this way; you are definitely an inspiration. Thanks for keeping us posted on Jeff's progress and your wonderful daughters', too. I just finished my wall quilt and ordered an "invisible" hanger for it--we'll see how that works. Looking forward to your next post. Brenda

  2. Hey Sue, Enjoy the blog and especially your recipes! We had a picnic today to celebrate Lou's 64th b-day..........can you even believe it????? He was part of our local Memorial Day celebration and that was moving and very enjoyable! My grandson's baseball team is sponsored by the local VFW, so they marched in the parade! Thank you for keeping Jeff's progress up to date for us out of towners! Sounds like you will have a better week. Hang on tight Sue! Know that lots of prayers or being offered for him! BTW your baby Ella is beautiful!



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