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Friday, May 18, 2012

Graduation Friday

Dr. Kristina Lee Smith, D.O.

The day we have been waiting on is here. Kristy will graduate tonight from Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine. We are still hoping Jeff will get to hood her during the ceremony. He is at the hospital now getting blood and platelets. We have family here and more coming in at noon.

This week has been filled with doctor's appointments, hospital short stays to get blood and platelets, and taking care of Jeff. I do my hand work as I set by Jeff's bed during these long days of treatment.

Dresden Plate Block

I used English Paper Piecing paddles to make this plate. I haven't mounted it yet. Not sure what I am going to so with it.

Chrysanthemum Blocks

This chrysanthemum block is mounting on a solid white block. I made two of these flowers from one sample package of English Paper Piecing petals. I may turn them on point and make a table runner.
This is my weeks work at the bedside. Very little sewing on the machine. I did make a bunch of 1/2 square triangle blocks for my Holy Toledo quilt one day when I had a few minutes to myself.
Hope you had a great sewing week!!!
Will be back with lots of graduation photos!!


Mtn Mama


  1. Saying a prayer for Jeff and a CONGRATULATIONS!!! for Kristy. Your flowers are all beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Congrats to Kristy. Prayers for Jeff and you family. What beautiful blocks you are making. Bless your heart!

  3. Your blocks are beautlful, but completely outshone by the news of your daughter's graduation! Praying for Jeff and your family!!

    1. Thanks so much for your prayers. God gave us a beautiful weekend. We are so grateful!!

  4. Just returned from Olivia's graduation and AM catching up on your blog. I did know from CB that God answered your prayers re: the hooding. So happy for you all and congratulations to Kristy for her big accomplishment! xox


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