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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunflower Table Runner

Dancing the Happy Dance!!

I am sitting by Jeff's bed as they just finished his last unit of platelets and are pulling the access from his port so we can GO HOME!!! Yeah! He came in last Saturday night and it has been a hard week but we thank God that he is feeling better....all juiced up on fresh blood and platelets... and ready to dance all the way back to south Tulsa. We will be back for bloodwork on Monday but till then it's HOME BABY!!

While I have been running back and forth from the hospital I will show you what I have been sewing in my "spare time" this week. I can work on my hexie bag while I sit with Jeff. I designed a simple tablerunner that uses the hexie's as sunflowers and shows off a beautiful embroidery sunflower design in the alternate blocks.

I have a Viking Designer SE which does beautiful embroidery work. The sunflower design in this block was purchased from Embroidery Library. It stitched out beautifully.

The hexie's make a cute little sunflower. I did eho quilting in free motion around each flower.

Here's a long view. Each flower is from different fabrics. I stitched in the ditch around each square and between the borders. In the large border I did free motion flowers. A quick and easy project to keep me sewing while everything around me is anything but routine!!

Now for my BIG FIND!!! Today my daughter and I walked into the next neighborhood to scope out the garage sales. She is graduating from Medical School and moving to OKC to do her internship.  We are furnishing her apt from stuff we have and garage sales. She has done a fabulous job refinishing some furniture I have had for years in trendy colors and finishes.  I'll highlight that in another post. Back to today....we found a coffee table for her to redo and I found...............

THIS sewing machine!! 

A singer sewing machine that according to what I can find on the internet was made by the Singer Sewing Machine company in 1957 Model 401A. The lady who sold it said it was her mother's and it still worked. Are you ready for the price......$10.00 and she was mine. I love her. Brought her home, plugged her in and whrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, she hummed like a hummingbird.  My 84 year old mother is methodically cleaning her up with the tenderest of care.
Now I think the machine and I were meant for each other because I was born in 1955 just a few short years before she was..  It is our destiny to be together.  After we clean her up I will give her a trail run. More to come.!!!! Oh I almost forgot Bonnie Hunter names all of her machines so I MUST give her just the right name. Any suggestions out there?? Bonnie has this exact model with the name Sandra Dee.   Help me name my new friend. This has given me so much joy today in a time when I needed it!! Thank you Lord for your all shapes and sizes!!!
Be back soon with more to report on and hopefully you will help me we find a suitable name for this little gem.

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mamna


  1. Wow! So much here to talk about!

    Yeah, for your hubby coming home. I have been reading his Caring Bridge site to keep up with all that is happening. I appreciate the updates.

    Yeah, for your very nicely done sunflower table runner. Ver, very cute...

    Yeah! As in WOWZA, you got a great find at your garage sale! That's a great machine!

  2. Your sunflower table runner is beautiful.

  3. Beautiful table runner!! Love those hexie sunflowers.

    And if you will go to this website - - with your Singer's serial number, you can find out exactly when it was made! It's just kind of fun to know....

    Whoop whoop!!


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