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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Miss Ella, More Scraps, and the First Quarter of 2012

Is there anything more fun or precious than a 2 month old who just happens to be your first grandbaby?
I don't think so!!  Miss Ella came at noon on Friday bringing her mama Jenny with her on the plane.  She was such a good girl and made it from Chicago to Tulsa without any major incidents.  I am so glad she took good care of her mama.  Since then we have been TOTALLY absorbed by everything that Ella does.  And she has totally taken over my house.  Swings, bouncers, bath-tubs, blankets, diapers, bottles, toys, tiny clothes and pacifiers are EVERYWHERE!!   We are having so much fun!
I have continued to cut scraps for the past four days and am beginning to see some progress in my bins which I have labeled according to the size of the strips and blocks.  At least it doesn't look like a bomb went off in my sewing room anymore.  I am also continuing to put together my nine-patch on point that I cut from my 1800's reproduction scraps.  I will post a pix when I get it all together till then you will have to imagine what it will look like altogether! 
I have been reading blogs this weekend and some of them are posting "quarterly updates" on what they accomplished in the first three months of 2012.  As I was reflecting on how I wished I had been organized enough to have been as productive as those ladies were I decided to give you a brief synopsis of Jan-March 2012 in the life of  Mtn Mama:
Started the year at Baylor Medical Center where my dear hubby was already 1 month into a non-related donor bone marrow transplant for MDS (dying bone marrow).  We lived there from Nov 30-Jan 20, 2012.  After that we have made weekly and just recently bi-weekly visits from Tulsa to Dallas.  He is coming along and has recently returned to work, although doing most of it from home.
We had our first Grandbaby, Ella Lillian Kirkland, in Chicago, IL on Feb 6, 2012.  I was with my daughter, baby and hubby for over 2 weeks enjoying "all things baby".
Our youngest daughter went through the "match" Feb 13 for graduating medical students to find their postgraduate training slots for next year.  She will be going to Oklahoma City at Saint Anthony's Hospital System for a transitional year.
I found out March 6 that I had torn a tendon in my second toe on left foot and had to have surgery on March 12 to repair the tendon and ligament.  I guess that is why I couldn't get my shoes on without punching my toe down!!!  Now I have a pin sticking out the end of my toe and am wearing an orthopedic shoe.  I got the stitches out this week and will get the pin out on April 10th.
Along the way I finished a Christmas quilt from Thimbleberries panels and gave it to the minister who married us for his 80th birthday on March 10, 2012.  
OBTW....March 21, 2012 Jeff and I celebrated out 31st wedding anniversary!  Nice dinner out....Jeff enjoyed the food which is a plus these days as he still is battling post transplant nausea.
I have read all I can about scrap quilting on Bonnie Hunter's website and ordered her books. I am in love with everything about her process.  My mother was an original scrap quilter .....and ecologist, saving the earth in the 1960's.  Stay tuned I will tell you all about her...quite a lady, still quilting at 83 years old.     I have cut...cut...cut.....scraps, scraps, scraps!!  I think I can cut in my sleep!!  Speaking of which it is time for me to go to sleep.....Ella is already down and you know how the saying goes.....
When baby sleeps....You Sleep!!  
More fun tomorrow....I think I'll bake bread!!! 

Happy Trails,
Mtn Mama

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