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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Recipes for the week

Tuesday at the Lake!!

Did you think I got lost ....That I went into the yard on Saturday afternoon and never returned?  Well, it could have been like that because I was having so much fun planting and taking pictures and enjoying the day outside but it really didn't happen that way!!  I did come in about 5pm and we decided to get carry out from Pei Wei and watch a movie at home.  It was a nice evening although the movie was very different....Extremely Loud and Incredibly have to watch it completely and think about it awhile before you can decide whether you like it or hate it.  My jury is still will probably be a hung jury for sure!
After church on Sunday we headed for the lake to spend a few days before we have to leave for Dallas on Thursday.  For those of you who are reading this and don't know...."The Rest of the Story" I will give you a brief synopsis.  My dear hubby has fought a battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma since Jan 1999.  We have had mulitple courses of treatment here in Tulsa, at MD Anderson in Houston and Baylor Medical Center Dallas.  In Dec 2011 he underwent his second Bone Marrow Transplant this time from a non-related donor.  The road to recovery  has been so much harder than before.  On his three month bone marrow biospy he was found to be 100% donor graft.  Yeah.....however as of two weeks ago his counts started to drop and an unscheduled bone marrow biopsy revealed that his donor graft was 70% and the MDS (pre-leukemic bad cells) were 30%.  SOOO...we have a plan and are headed to Dallas on Friday to get his monthly infusion of IGG and his antibiotic breathing treatment to prevent pneumocystic.  He will also have blood counts.  The physicians have taken him off all anti-rejection drugs hoping the donor graft will get stronger and overpower the MDS.  If the counts go up that may be an indication that it is working.  Anyway if you are interested in the WHOLE story we have a blog on, enter the website jeffreydsmith.
Being at the lake is so peaceful and relaxing.  I have some great recipes to share this week.

Spring Couscous Bowl with grilled lemon chicken

Carolina BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Lemon Cream Cheese Desert Bars

Hearty 9 grain bread with malted wheat flakes

The computer here is not letting me download pictures very well today.  My daughter is coming down tonight and bringing my laptop.  I will try to get a recipe up by the end of the day complete with pictures.

 I am off to work on more quilt blocks.  I am getting caught up on the Barrister's block Sow Along.  She is up to 24 blocks, counting the bonus blocks.  I found her in March when I had time to "surf the net" while I had a pin in my toe.  Amazing quilters out there in cyberspace.  I wanted to start the Sow Along but haven't had a minute to start sooooo....while at the lake is a great time to get caught up.  I started yesterday and by evening's end I had 9 blocks complete.  I f I do the the same today and tomorrow I can do it!!!  I am using shirting blues for the background fabric and the rest is from the deep stash that I have here at the lake.  It is looking good.  As soon as I can share pictures I will show you. For some reason the computer let me download this pix of my little "calf".  She had shots yesterday!!  Poor Ella!!  Still awful cute!
Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama

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