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Saturday, April 7, 2012

"Sip n See" Great Success

Today was a wonderful expression of family and the love of good friends.  We had over 30 people show up between 2-4 for the "Sip n See" to "view"  Miss Ella.  She was quite cooperative and slept through most of it in her mother or nana's arms totally unaware of the chatter or fuss going on around her. And there was lots of that going on!!  OOH's and  AAH's!!!
The girls and I worked hard to get the house "spiffed up" before the event.  We used my "bunny pewter".  I have loved and collected pewter pieces for over 30 years.  I added these pieces about 2 years ago.  I found them while shopping in Mexico one day in port while on a cruise.  Don't you just love life?  It all went together today as we celebrated a new life with all it's hope and potential for the future.  We LOVE you Ella!!

We filled these platters with the cookies and cakeballs we made yesterday.

Below is the "spread" when we had finished with the table setting. 

Looks good enough to eat!!!
.......and we did!!!
Laughter and love filled the house and I was very happy and grateful for family, friends, and my new baby granddaughter!!
A very busy day for one tired little 2 month old.   SHHHHHHH!!!!!! It's time for bed.

Happy Trails,
 Mtn Mama

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