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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Evening 2012

It has been a day of playing with Miss Ella, naps, and lots of reading and surfing the net while I cough and blow my nose. UGH!!! I haven't had a cold this bad in two years. I haven't left the house since we got here Sunday at noon. That's okay because it was -1 degree out there this morning. Staying inside seemed like the right thing to do!!

Miss Ella Lillian and I had lots of fun playing with Christmas toys. She is learning to walk behind the puppy dog Auntie Kristy got her. It won't be long now till she goes solo!
This is a view of the turkey breast just before we took it out of the crockpot.
Sliced and ready for Christmas dinner. I also made the "bucket bread". It was delicious with our turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and salad. Pumpkin pie still to come for dessert......with Cool Whip of course!!! After Miss Ella's bedtime we have a couple of movies to end our day.
I have been surfing the web today and found several projects that I will be joining in 2013.


These are two I found today on the JustQuiltin with Denise Russart website. The links are listed below the buttons. Both are going to be really great. If you get a chance hop over and check them out before they start so you can join too.

May you feel the peace and hope that was brought to earth that Silent Night in Bethlehem. Take time to ponder as Mary did all the wonders of that very special event.

Happy Trails,

Mt Mama



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