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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Thirteen Goals in 2013

As we all start the week between Christmas and New Year's thinking of resolutions and "things to get done" in the new year I too am musing over these issues. The events of the past year have dramatically rearranged my life and I want to move forward in 2013 in a positive way. I am still grieveing and those "waves of grief" sometimes get the best of me but knowing each day holds a new beginning and that God is holding me directly in his arms gives me the courage to get up and move on. Jeffrey had been my husband for 31 1/2 years and a friend/boyfriend for 5 years before that. His loss is a large hole in my life that I am determine to fill by reaching out to others, volunteering and just doing what I do, sewing and enjoying all the people in my life. I have been so blessed with GREAT friends to help me through this very difficult time. I too want to give back to all of them as well as others.


I started blogging in March 2010 after Jeffrey's first Bone Marrow Transplant but did not keep it up. Mainly because Jeffrey had a few setbacks and I was totally consumed in that. Last spring in April I decided to return again to my blog. Jeffrey had to have another Bone Marrow Transplant last Dec at Baylor in Dallas. The blog was a way for me to reach out to others while I was caring for him. I continued to blog while Jeffrey experienced many major setbacks and complications in the spring of 2012. I would blog by his bedside. It helped me to feel connected even though I didn't have many followers and very few comments. It was my online journal along with his CaringBridge site. In August Jeffrey lost his battle to cancer and went home to be with his Father in Heaven.


I want this blog to be an outreach of, quilting,decorating, crafting, my love for The Lord and my faith, and anything else that makes me me. I hope you will join as a follower this year to let me know you are out there and walking this journey with me. I also would LOVE to have comments. One of the adjustments is that I have a lot of "alone" time now without much conversation. Having your comments help fill that gap as well as I just love to make new friends and share with others on their life journey. We are all on this earth to help one another.


So let's get started:

Thirteen Goals for 2013

1. To have 100 followers on my blog

2. To have at least one comment on each blog post

3. To blog at least 3 times a week and make it through a the whole year - 2013.

4. Complete my "Holy Toledo" quilt and machine quilt it in Jan

5. Renew my knowledge of English Hand Smocking and make Miss Ella some smocked clothes

6. Follow Judy L on Patchwork Times in her Comfort and Joy project. (I have already ordered the pattern)

7. Join Denise Russart in Stitchin with JustQuiltin and Strictly for the Birds. ( I've never quilted birds)

8. Back to Square One Mystery Quilt with Judy L (My first medallion quilt)

9. Practice, practice, practice freemotion quilting on my new Tin Lizzie 18 sitdown machine

10. Get back to more machine embroidery with my Viking Designer SE. At least one project a month.

11. Utilize my "LARGE" cookbook collection in a fun, unique way.....more to come on that!

12. Finish all the UFO's and kit projects I have accumulated over the last 25 years....or donate them to

someone who will.

13. Pray, explore and decide if a quilt ministry is where God is leading me.

May ALL I do be done for Honor and Glory to God. May I fulfill His purpose for me on this earth as I follow where He leads Me.

And all the saints said.....AMEN!!!!


OK... no time like the present to get going on those goals.....
Today I started on #12 by unearthing a Santa Cross Stitch project that is dated 1993. So it has been in the drawer for 20 years!!! I haven't done anything large in cross stitch in over 10 years but I am determined to start and finish this project this year.


I LOVE this Santa!!! When I opened the kit it had FIVE Hanks of floss. A total of 62 colors!! Wow!!
My first job was to seperate each hank. I put each color on a spool lableled with it's name. These are the 13 colors in Hank I. I put all the spools from each hank in seperate baggies. Each labeled with the Hank # on it.
I took the Aida cloth and serged around the edges with my serger to prevent fraying. This project may take me a long time to finish so I want it to be secure from wear and tear.
I got out my magnetic board of years ago to help me keep track of my stitching.
Even though the graph was enormous I was very pleased to see that the characters were LARGE enough for me to see without a magnifying glass.....just my bifocals!!!

Such a pretty guy!!! Can't wait for him to show up on my wall at Christmas 2013!


This little snowbunny and I got out of the house today even though it was 6 degrees. We enjoyed a Target run but were sure glad to get home where it was warm and cozy!!

I look forward to meeting all my new blogging friends in 2013 on Pots, Pans, Pins and Prayers!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama



  1. You can do this Sue..what great goals. And, my church has a quilting ministry...they love it and you will too :)

    1. Debbie,
      So great to hear from you and your encouragement warms my heart. I think back to youth group days and college. Good Times!! God is Good! Stay in touch!!
      SS ..aka Mtn Mama

    2. I love to cross stitch too. This Santa looks like a beautiful one! I love your blogs, but most of all your honesty. May God richly bless all of your efforts. Love you! Mary Margaret

  2. I love reading your blog and seeing what you are cooking and sewing. Also, I love reading about "our granddaughter.". She is so precious! May you be blessed in 2013!

    1. Sandra,
      Glad you are following my blog. Miss Ella is a joy. So much to look forward to in 2013....Jenny, Jon and Ella will be back in Oklahoma soon!

  3. I have recently found your blog and have looked back at all your posts. You have handled one of life's hardest losses with grace and faith. Your precious granddaughter reminds me of a friend of mine who keeps in almost daily contact with her granddaughter through Skype. She has a special time reading a picture book from the library to her. She even collected photos from her visits with her granddaughter and had them published into a simple picture book which is an idea I want to remember when I hopefully have grandkids to love on. (my boys are 13 an 9 right now) I think i'm going to copy you and sit down and pray and think about what to focus on this year. The Santa cross stitch is great (I have a nativity one that is hiding in a basket under my craft table), I'll be excited to see your progress. Blessings, Diane in FL

    1. Diane,
      Thanks for your kind thought and words of encouragement. God is good and His grace is sufficient for us all. That doesn't make it easier it just means we don't have to go through it alone. Enjoy your precious boys .....before you know it they will be 29 and 27 like my girls and you will still have that Nativity to stitch!!! HaHa!! Hope to hear from you again soon!


Please feel free to let me know what you think!! I love hearing from you and making new friends!!