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Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Finishes!!

Before leaving Tulsa last Sunday I finished a scrappy table topper that I made from the left over patches cut for a Christmas Quilt I made in 2010. It fit perfectly on my kitchen table. I love the scrappiness of it. I had made several for friends but I finished this one for ME.!!!



This is the quilt I designed in 2010 which used all those patches.



The larger linen blocks are all embroidered with primitive designs for Chrismas and Winter. I apoligize that the embroidery is hard to see due to the distance of the photo. There are 24 embroidered blocks. I hung this quilt in my foyer during the winter/holidays 2010-2011. It is very large. I just love it. Makes you want to cozy up under it by a fire doesn't it?


Different angle from above on the second floor looking over the railing. Recognize those patches in my table topper? I quilted the table topper free-motion with holly leaves in the center and feathers in the borders.
I am having fun learning and playing with "Miss Lizzie" my newest machine. She and I are going to be great friends this year.
Yesterday at MOA I got the rest of the Hallmark "Angel Pagent" brigade for Miss Ella. She is loving having them play and sing while she dances. I just love the joy and anticipation of that little face in everything she does!!
Thank you LORD for the blessings of Grandchildren!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama





  1. What an incredible labor of love and how blessed to have enough scraps left to make this table quilt!

    Your FMQ is amazing!

  2. Love your table quilt, and the wall quilt is pretty amazing too! Whoop whoop!!

  3. So nice to meet you! Isn't it funny how small the world really is!!! Have a blessed New Years! Yvonne

  4. Love the angles kids dancing is such fun. Thanks for linking up.

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