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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday

Less than one week till Christmas and as most of us I am still working on projects for gifts. I also got a very special guest today. Miss Ella arrived and oh of course her mommy and daddy came too. But this afternoon they are out with a realtor looking at prospective houses for their move back next July. I have Miss Ella all by myself and I am in heaven!! We are busy, busy, busy!!!

We are having fun playing on Nana's pretty Christmas quilt. Later today I hope to finish the handwork on my last three wallhanging projects.

I need to sew all these buttons on so my snowmen can see. I also have to sew down the sleeves on the back. I have been putting the bindings on my small projects the past couple of weeks with my new stitch in the ditch binding foot. I actually ordered it from Nancy's Notions for my birthday in July but with Jeff being so sick and all that followed I had not had a chance to learn how to use it. I think it cost about $29.00 but I am happy with the investment after doing just a few projects this week.

It is adaptable for most machines and comes with multiple shanks. The "fences" are for different lofts of fabric. It is not hard to use and I think the binding looks good. The front stitching is in the ditch so you don't see it. After you adjust the fence it guides the binding through so you can go fast. I need to practice and will continue to use it on small projects.


I cut my bindings 2 1/2 inches, then fold and iron so I am sewing a binding strip onto the edge of the project that is 1 1/4 inches wide. Sew your binding strip to the front side as you would normally do. Fold over and press in place, especially the corners. I use hair clips to keep mine in the perfect place till I sew it.


Then put your binding foot on the machine and adjust to the width of the binding so that the needle falls in the inside "ditch".


If you have folded your binding properly you should be catching the back of the binding on the edge too. That is the tricky part...not hard just needs practice to have it on the edge on the back.

This is the back. Not too shabby.


Corner back view

Corner front view. I think it looks great and the time saved at this time of year is priceless!!


Back is as pretty as the front. I still need to sew the sleeve down by HAND....I don't know any other way to do it? Any of you have a suggestion??


It is pretty from the front too!!!! Now I need to make a label!!!! Always something to do but now I am going to snuggle Miss Ella, give her a bottle and we are both napping!! I can't think of anything else I would rather do at this moment!!


Happy Trails,


Mtn Mama


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