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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ella's Tulsa Birthday Party

Tulsa's Happy Birthday Party for Miss Ella!!

Today was Miss Ella's third birthday party to date.... I think.  We celebrated here with friends and Auntie KK before she had to leave to go home to the city.  It is always fun to watch a child at a birthday party.  Miss Ella played with the older children and really had a great time.  The highlight of course was watching her eat her own cupcake!!


I made homemade pizza.  Cheese Margarita for the children and Roasted Garlic, Spinach, Chicken White Pizza for the adults/  I was so busy having fun I didn't get a pix of the "Adult Pizza" in time.  No leftovers!!

Mama Jenny is helping Miss Ella with her birthday cupcake.
Dr. "Auntie" KK made her cake and cupcakes.  She is our decorator for all things that require decorating.  What talents she has....obviously she can multi-task.  A Doctor by profession and a cake decorator for the family!!  We love you too Auntie Kristy and can't wait for you to move back to Tulsa this summer!!!

 What a blessing she is to our family!!   At a time in our lives when much hurt and sadness we have this wonderful gift from God to help us heal.  God's timing is perfect.

Thank you Lord for blessing us with Miss Ella!!

Happy Trails, 

Mtn Mama

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