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Monday, February 11, 2013

Design Wall Monday - 100th Blog Post

My 100th Blog Post!!

Miss Ella and her mama will be here tonight!!  Hopefully they will get here.....there is snow falling in Minneapolis and we pray the plane gets off the ground and they are safely transported to Oklahoma.

Lord, please watch over my  two earth angels and give them safe travels today!!  Amen!

Doesn't she look beautiful in the birthday dress Nana sent her?
She is walking everywhere.  It is hard to get a "still" picture these days.  Oh what fun we are going to have in the next two weeks!!

Design Wall Monday

While I anxiously await the arrival of the "Girls from Minnesota" I am playing in my sewing room.
Last night I found this applique block that I did for a class years ago....I believe 2004.  I only finished one block so I think it is going to become a pillow.  Better than spending the next 10 years in the drawer.

I think I will put a really pretty quilting design in the middle with my Viking Designer SE.  Should I echo around the applique pieces?  What do you think?

I found this old sofa pillow that my daughter gave me.  I think it will be the right size to cover.
First I will wrap it in batting to stabilize and make the pillow firmer.

 I am excited bout finishing this project.  It will be one more UFO completed this year.

Tonight I am the "Guest Baker" at a Mentoring Mom's group that is supported by my church.  I am excited.  Today we spent baking cinnamon rolls to give each Mom for a special Valentine's present.  You can find the complete instructions on how to make them here .

 I wrapped them special for Valentine's Day.  One down and 7 to go.  The packaging always makes the package!!  It is such a privilege to share my love of baking and cooking with others.

We also made Valentine Heart cookies using the same Ethel's Sugar Cookie recipe I used at Christmas.  You can find it here .  It is my favorite sugar cookie recipe.  We decorated half with sprinkles and left have to ice and decorate later.

 It's going to be so much fun talking "baking" with these young moms.  I will be back later to show you the beautiful table my friend is creating for the dinner.
 I am linking up with Judy L at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday .  Enjoy your Monday and celebrate with a Happy Heart!!
This is also my 100th post!!!  Yeah... I hope all of you are enjoying this blog half as much as I am enjoying creating  it!!  Thanks for all your support!!  Please become a goal is 100  followers this year!!  I know we can do it together!!

Happy Trails,

Mtn Mama


  1. Miss Ella is a doll! Pray they get here safe and you have a wonderful visit. Those cinnamon rolls look wonderful. I can almost smell them!

  2. What about something like this:

    1. Mtn Mama we had such fun baking with you. You have blessed our girls. MBO

  3. Babies are so special, can't never get enough loving from them. Rolls look sooo good.

  4. The blocks on your design wall, love the flow and the fabrics looks like you fussy cut some of them. wall sticker india


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